We are leaders in making dissolved acetylene gas plant which is exported to our customers from all over the globe. Acetylene is an important industrial gas which is used in numerous industrial applications. Acetylene gas is produced as a result of reaction between calcium carbide and water. However, the heat generated as a result of the reaction must be moderated as it is done so efficiently in our acetylene gas plant. Being the reputed manufacturer supplier in India, we use high quality raw materials in the making of our plant machinery.

How dissolved acetylene gas is produced?

Acetylene gas is generated by reacting calcium carbide with water. However, dissolved acetylene gas is produced in our dissolved acetylene gas plant by mixing it in liquid acetone to make it safe for storage and usage. Acetylene cylinders are filled with acetone to make acetylene stabilize and non-reactive within the cylinder. Acetylene is dissolved in liquid acetone under high temperature. Afterwards, the cylinders are filled with porous material. This process helps in keeping the acetylene gas in liquid form, thus, making it easier to transport the cylinders.

Advantages of using dissolved acetylene gas

Dissolving acetylene in acetone while it is stored in a cylinder is important for safe and effective storage and working of acetylene gas. Here are a few examples why acetylene should be stored in liquid acetone:

  • Helps in stabilizing the acetylene and prevents it from reacting with oxygen.
  • Excellent for reducing the pressure since pressuring acetylene might cause explosion
  • Acetone has capacity for dissolving large quantities of acetylene.
  • Ensuring there is no free space within the cylinders
  • Effective in cooling the internal atmosphere in case of thermal decomposition.

Our dissolved acetylene gas plant is the preferred choice of customers because dissolved acetylene gas generated in the plant remains stable while it is transported. Dissolving acetylene in acetone is an important process for ensuring the safety of acetylene cylinders. However, we still strongly advise extreme caution while handling or storing acetylene gas. Do you want to know: Oxy Acetylene Welding and Automation of Acetylene Plant