Acetylene gas is an important commercial gas which is used across various industrial verticals. Being the leading acetylene plant manufacturers in India, we take utmost care in manufacturing and fabricating high quality acetylene gas plants. We always advise our customers to bargain for getting the best acetylene plant cost as you are spending your hard-earned money. Acetylene is a highly combustible gas and can be quite dangerous if left unprotected. It finds applications in the fabricating of automotive parts and other equipment needing high precision. Acetylene gas is produced by reacting calcium carbide (CaC2) with water. Calcium carbide is produced by the carbothermic reduction of lime (CaO) at 2000C. Lime can be produced by reducing limestone (calcium carbonate) in a furnace at 900C-1000C. As the trusted acetylene gas manufacturers in India, we offer wide range acetylene plants in different sizes and capacities ranging 25m3/hour to 200m3/hour for acetylene plant for industrial uses.

Production of acetylene

Acetylene is produced in an acetylene plant which is industrial equipment used for generating acetylene gas for the industry. Acetylene gas is produced as a result of chemical reaction between calcium carbide and water. The heat generated in the plant because of the reaction is cooled by special equipment used in our acetylene plants. Our company is known for fabricating acetylene systems using the latest technology along solid designing and offer competitive acetylene plant manufacturer cost. Acetylene is a highly combustible gas which is colorless and has garlic-like taste.

How we offer the best acetylene plant manufacturers cost?

We have emerged as the top acetylene gas manufacturers in India and they prefer our machinery because of our commitment to quality and reputation for offering the best acetylene plant price. We are able to offer competitive acetylene plant set up cost because our company is recognized as a 100% EOU (export oriented unit). We get tax rebates from the government of India for exporting our machines abroad and earning valuable foreign exchange. And, we also have the advantage of using the cheap raw material produced in India as well as cheap skilled labor available in India. See our plant machinery model below:

Small Capacity Acetylene Plant Model – UA- 25 m3/hour 

Medium Capacity Acetylene Plant Model – UA- 50 m3/hour

Large Capacity Acetylene Plant Model – UA- 200 m3/hour